Janine Melnitz

Today I will return to talk about the cartoon of the The Real Ghostbusters, and now it is the turn of the character Janine Melnitz. The irreverent secretary, who always attracted attention for her way of dressing, with striking accessories and extravagant hairstyle. Who, although she did not have a leading role and rarely participated in the action of the series, was an important piece in the development of the history of the Ghostbusters, especially in the comedy of the cartoon. And despite her flamboyant looks, she always added a feminine touch to the show.


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Egon Spengler

This time I will talk about another of my favorite cartoons from the 80's, The Real Ghostbusters. And although this franchise originally started in the cinema with the movie Ghostbusters in 1984 and continued with its sequel Ghostbusters II in 1989. It was in the 1986 cartoon that the plot of the story and the personality of the characters could be further developed. And for today's illustration I chose my favorite character from this series, Egon Spengler.


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April O'Neil

In this post I share an illustration of the beautiful April O'Neil, the damsel in distress who always needed the help of our four heroes. Like me, probably many of you were also in love with this character when you were kids, or maybe now you are, with the portrayal of Megan Fox. In addition, I will also talk a little about the origins of this character and his evolution through the different versions of the ninja turtles.


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TMNT Icon Collection

As I had said in the previous post, I will be adding several useful resources that can be used on websites or other design projects. And this time I bring you a collection of icons inspired by the characters of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe. I know that these icons are not very generic, so I don't think you can use them in many of your projects, but keep in mind that I made them just for fun and I hope you can use them for the same purpose too.


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Ninja Horde

Welcome to this first post, I started this blog to share some of my work as an illustrator and web designer (and earn a few dollars with advertising). Here you can find illustrations and some fun facts about movies and cartoons from the 80s and 90s, and in the future I hope to bring several resources that you can use for your web projects. But before I start let me tell you a little bit about myself.


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